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“Then the Lord appeared to Abram and said, ‘To your descendants I will give this land.’” Genesis 12:7a

When Abraham was given this promise, he didn’t have any visible evidence that such a thing was possible. To his descendants? His wife was barren. He didn’t have any descendants. God would give the land? The land was already occupied. He moved from one borrowed place to another. But what did he do when God gave him this promise? He built an altar. He worshipped. Sure, he would go on to make mistakes, some of them pretty significant. But forever more, faith and the name of Abraham would be linked.

Chances are none of us will be called to do something on the scale of what Abraham had to do. Still, sometimes we need to follow a call even when we don’t have the facts. I waited at a stoplight, lifting my eyes to a nursing home on the hill above it. As I looked at it, I knew I needed to go in there and see if anyone needed visiting. A few days later, I met Virginia. I knew as soon as I walked into her room that she was the one I was there for. For about a year, I visited weekly. Twice, once in person and once in a letter, I shared the gospel with her. For Easter, I gave her a little book that also presented the gospel. As far as I know, she died without ever coming to Christ. To this day, I still don’t know why God called me to visit her. But call me He did, I have no doubt. He knew why.

We don’t need all the facts before we can obey. We only need faith in the God who has all the facts, whether He chooses to share them or not.


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