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“Then God remembered Noah” Genesis 8:1a

The storm raged, the waters rose, everything they knew was gone. I wonder if in the confines of that ark, it felt like God had forgotten them. Did they spend day after day looking for some sign that He knew where they were and what they were going through? Did the trial of that never-to-be-repeated flood shadow what they knew of God’s promises? I couldn’t blame them if they doubted. They probably did better than I would have.

I’ve felt forgotten by God before. I went through a lot of incredibly difficult years. I struggled until I felt like I wasn’t going to last another day. Did God know? Did He care? I remember the day everything changed. Not in my circumstances, mind you, but in my view of God in the midst of the trial. I ducked into a quiet spot, desperate for just a moment’s relief. “I just can’t do it anymore, Lord,” I silently cried. “I can’t hold on anymore. I don’t have the strength. It’s just too much.” Immediately, an image came to mind. A child in the arms of her father. No matter how hard that child held on, it was the strength of the father that kept her there. If she clung to him until her strength ran out and then let go, she still wouldn’t fall to the ground because it never depended on her strength. In that moment, I knew God hadn’t forgotten me. He knew exactly where I was. Things didn’t change that day. In fact, they continued to get worse. But I never again doubted that I was in the arms of my loving Father, and that when I just didn’t have the strength to hold on to Him, He was still holding on to me.

In the arms of a loving Father. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there’s any better place to be. Especially when the storm is raging.


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