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“Thus Noah did; according to all that God commanded him, so he did.” Genesis 6:22

My daughter and I were driving along in the car one day, many years ago. After a long silence she asked, “Mama, if the rapture happens while we’re in the car, will Jesus be able to get us out without hitting our heads?” Oh, the sweet innocence of a child! She didn’t sit and contemplate all the reasons why it would be impossible for God to actually snatch all of His people off the earth. I told her this will one day happen, and she believed me. I’m happy to report that, now an adult, she still believes it, although I’m pretty sure she’s no longer worried about hitting her head on the roof of the car.

What God told Noah must have seemed impossible too. Build an ark? We have no indication that at this point in history mankind had begun to travel on the water. God would destroy the earth with a flood caused, at least in part, by rain? We also have no indication that rain had ever fallen. The same attitude largely prevails today. We obviously know what rain is now, but you hear plenty of other arguments against the possibility of a worldwide flood. It’s impossible for enough water to cover the earth high enough to cover the tallest mountains, Noah couldn’t have fit all the animals into the ark, let alone all the food necessary to feed them, the list goes on. Impossible. Didn’t happen. Only fools believe that it did. But God said it, and Noah believed Him. God tells us in His word that it did indeed happen, and we believe Him. Just like God tells us that through the sacrifice of one Man, His beloved Son, Jesus, we can find salvation. Just like He tells us that someday, Jesus will come back again to get us. He said it, and that settles it. Time vindicated Noah’s faith. Time will also vindicate ours.

In the meantime, let us stand up, let the world call us a fool, and take God at His word.


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“Then men began to call on the name of the Lord” Genesis 4:26b

My husband started an evening class tonight. It would have been silly for him to come home from downtown Seattle only to turn around and head back down less than an hour later. So, he shifted his work day. I got to keep him home a little later this morning, but I won’t see him again until I pick him up after class. I’m used to having him home by around five o’clock. By five-thirty, I was feeling pretty lonely. I thought, ‘well, class doesn’t start until six, he’s probably working quietly in his office, I’ll give him a call.’ I should have known the second he said hello that my assumption was wrong. He had that ‘business-mode’ tone of voice. Turns out he went down to the class a little early, and he wasn’t the only one. The conversation was, shall we say, very short. He wasn’t rude, he wasn’t angry, he was just busy.

Isn’t it wonderful to know that God is never busy? We can call on Him whenever we need Him. Whether a major crisis, like when the doctors told me my husband was having a heart attack, to the little things, like feeling lonely because my husband didn’t have time to talk to me, He’s always there and always ready to listen. The second we call out to Him, He responds. It can be a long conversation, a simple cry of help, or sometimes no words at all. What a thrill of joy to remember that God not only lets me call out to Him, He actually wants me to! He wants me to share every bit of myself with Him, whether I’m happy or sad, at peace or in turmoil. And because He’s God, He can have that level of intimacy with all of His children. We never have to wait our turn.

People, even wonderful people, don’t always have time for us. God always does.

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